Why I'd like a physical keyboard again with Android

With the latest rumours and chatter about BlackBerry releasing one or more devices running full Android, there is also a lot of talk about BlackBerry's famous physical (tactile) keyboard and its place in today's world.

Many people think the on-screen virtual keyboards work just fine, and have no use for anything else. However, I've spoken to dozens of people who, like me, wouldn't mind using a physical keyboard.

I've been with Android since the release of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. To this day, I'll find myself wishing I had a physical keyboard on my phone while I type something quickly, with odd characters or unique names not in the dictionary. Android keyboard and SwiftKey do well for me overall, but, I miss the days of my BlackBerry Bold 9000 and the Torch 9800 when it comes down to typing. What I wrote, was simply what I wrote. No autocorrect.

On BlackBerry, I eventually became so used to the keyboard I could type and look away while typing. I had it down just as I do now with a desktop computer. I just can't do that to this day on a virtual keyboard.

If the BlackBerry "Venice" (pictured above) is indeed real and not just a rumour; If this device has a slide-out keyboard, I'd seriously consider picking up this smartphone!

BlackBerry and Android - it's happening, and I'm stoked!

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