Need some Cardboard for the OnePlus 2 launch?

In a bold move, +OnePlus is launching their new phone via a VR stream that you can watch with Cardboard (Google's VR). They were offering a limited number of a custom cardboard they made for free (just pay shipping), but they're sold out now.

So, where else can you get some if you still want to watch the event?
Luckily, Googe has built a list of some of the manufacturers of varying cardboard for you to look over.

Now, this isn't an exhaustive list of EVERY manufacturer out there, but it's a good starting point for you to consider.

Besides the launch, even +YouTube is starting to have VR videos show up; so you can use these viewers for more than just July 27th's event.

Which did you like/  I'm thinking Goggle Tech's C1-Glass looks pretty cool.


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