Rovio just won't quit - releasing Angry Birds 2

So, let's do the recap... a few years back a little game from a little Finnish company came along and took the mobile world by storm.

What was a simple game about flinging mad birds at bad pigs launched itself into a huge maelstrom of activity, spawning these games

  • Angry Birds Seasons (having levels devoted to holidays)
  • Angry Birds Friends (integrating Facebook playtogethers)
  • Angry Birds Space
  • Angry Birds Star Wars 1 & 2 (partnering with a huge movie franchise)
  • Angry Birds Rio 1 & 2 (partnering with movies again)
  • Angry Birds Go! (a racing game)
  • Angry Birds Transformers (leaving the flinging game and partnering with Hasbro on continual running style games)
  • Angry Birds Epic (getting into the RPG style)
  • Angry Birds Fight (tapping into the 'connect 3' type of games)

And that's 11 games of just the birds (I'm sure I'm missing some).  Then there's the spin off of the Bad Piggies game and then Stella (the pink bird) got 2 games of her own (slingshot and Pop).  All the while they integrated Telepods in a "Skylander-esque" manner to help with real world purchases (aside from all the other merchandise they made).

But it's slowed down popularity wise, and they've had some issues; with even the original founder having given up the seat last year stating the had taken it as far as he could (and the company had some falling profits).

Hoping to continue to build on the brand, they're bringing in Angry Birds 2 on July 30th

But, wait... they've had sequels already?  Well, not of the original... everything has had an 'angle'... this will be a real 'sequel'. How?  I dunno... but I know my son's going to be excited

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