OnePlus is building the hype, asking 'What would you do for the 2'

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So, OnePlus is definitely not shying away from some outrageous marketing schemes to build the hype.  Some people might want to say "hey, cool your jets... pump the brakes"; but the reality of it is that it works.  We're suckers for it.  There's over a million people asking for invites (considering they said they sold about 1.5million of the first offering, that's impressive - how many will get invites is another story).

Those of us who /facepalm are in the minority.

The latest scheme they've come up with is #WWYDFT2

Essentially - what would you do for the 2?

So, they're suggesting a series of challenges, and there's about 4 days left to get in on it.  Pick a challenge and then upload to Youtube or upload an image of what you've done.  And then the folks in the forum get to vote on it.   (again they're really hyping their forum... hrmmm).

Here's some of the Challenges

Take over the world
1. Pimp your ride
Drive around in your OnePlus themed car – show the world you Never Settle.

2. Project the OnePlus logo in a busy area in your city
Silently show everyone what it means to Never Settle.

Show your love for OnePlus
3. Organize a flash mob with at least 50 people
The power of crowds! Grab your friends, your family, and everyone you know.

4. Create a OnePlus-themed dance and get 10 people to post videos of them doing the same
Who doesn’t love an impromptu dance party!

Show us your talent
5. Perform something awesome
Do you have any hidden talents? Show it to us!

6. Write a poem or sing a song about why you deserve the OnePlus 2 and perform it in public
For the creative ones. Sing your heart out!

Shout your love for OnePlus
7. Showcase your love for OnePlus in your social media profiles
Not a performer? Make your entire social media profile OnePlus-themed.

8. Go run in the middle of a live performance or event while wearing a OnePlus t-shirt
For the wild ones. Would you do it for the OnePlus 2?

Give back to the community
9. Create an app for OnePlus fans and share with the community
Calling all coders! Show us something new to do, perhaps soon on your OnePlus 2.

10. Contribute to a local community project with your tech power
Technology can help the world in all kinds of ways. Become a role model and show some thought leadership!


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