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I seriously wonder how in my youth we ever decided on anything.  I mean it happened... we'd all go to the coffee shop, or that movie, or that restaurant.  Nowadays, it's a barrage of emails, or facebook events etc... with a lot of "well, we could do X" "...or how about Y" ...

I've actually got the group to flip a coin at one point.  Which is probably where Microsoft got the name for their new app; Tossup.

Microsoft's really been developing for Android lately... and developing well looking apps... weird.
The idea is that we all have decisions to make and everybody's going to have their personal options, and sometimes it's nice to find a way that we all can just vote on and then select democratically.

What's really cool is that it's a new service that isn't just allowed in the US, it's in Canada as well.

Essentially you invite your friends to the app (you sign in with either your facebook or Office365 login) and then you can then start posing them questions.

Where should we go to have drinks? 
What's the best sushi place? 
Which has the best coffee?


I remember Google Wave offering a very similar option... but *sigh*, I liked Wave.

Once invited in and question posed, people can answer by voting, or providing more information on the choices.  What's nice is it looks like the information it pulls in from locations would be from Yelp or TripAdvisor, so you're going to some information and ratings on some of the locations.

And it's not just locations, you could make it a yes/no poll (should I bring Scotch?) or like a Google+ poll make up your own options (Which of these hairdos should I get?)

What I'm not seeing it do, and hopefully future iterations would, is put a time limit and reminder to answer.

But, still... looks promising.

Would you use something like this?

Source: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.microsoft.hddl.app

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