ChargeTech Dual USB fast charge 2.4A per port 12.5W small wall plug

If you were ever interested in a portable, fast charge, 2 port USB wall plugin, this is it! It can charge two devices simultaneously. That's right, dual USB (2-Port) charging ports. Most people nowadays have at least two mobile devices, Android phone and Bluetooth Speaker, or fitness tracking smartwatch and GoPro. All of these devices need charging on a daily basis.

ChargeTech spent extra time and attention in making sure this charger was not just small and powerful, but also beautifully designed and perfectly compact to carry around. From the swooping corners and glossy finish, to the way the prongs unfold, everything was carefully planned.

This little guy will set you back $24 USD with shipping for Canadian customers. Enough talks about the ChargeTech, how does it really perform? To tell you the truth, I went from 30% to 50% in 20 minutes. If you can calculate this correctly, 0% to 100% at a rate of 20 minutes per 20% gain. That takes 1 hour 40 minutes to charge an Xperia Z2 which holds a 3200mAh battery. I'd say this is pretty impressive. Granted, this is nothing like Quick Charge, but it's definitely a nice touch.

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