Action Launcher 3.5 and my addiction

We haven't really talked about Action Launcher 3.5 at Android Coliseum, but we have indeed among ourselves taken the time to play with it, see how it works and the overall experience it gives us.

I'm going to take a different approach to talking about Action Launcher 3.5, more so, with how I use the new features or if I use them.

I've been a user of Nova Launcher Prim for a very long time. I think it's been my default launcher for at least 3 years if not more. When Action Launcher 3.5 was announced with improvements and new features, I decided to give a shot. At first glance it was faster, smoother than Nova. Don't get me wrong here, Nova is slick and never lagged or anything, you could just tell that Action Launcher 3.5 was running even smoother with the flow of its animation.

The left side APP access is and has always been a nice touch, mind you I do however wish I could swap it to the right side of my screen. It would make more sense since I use my phone one handed with my right hand.

The new Quickpage feature is an excellent addition, instead of having a home screen this is just a pull out drawer with a few widgets with information you may need to glance at from time to time. This eliminates the need to setup a home screen.

Everyone is raving about the Quickbar, I don't use, I don't have a need for it, so I removed it entirely.

Like in Nova I've setup my gestures, swipe up, opens the app drawer, swipe down and I get the notification tray.

This is the extent of my use of the Action Launcher 3.5. Here are some higher resolution shot that you can click on to enlarge.

In case anyone may be wondering what are the hell is on my device screen:

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