Yeplive launches to compete in the live streaming space

I have to admit, personally I'm not that big on live streaming my videos.  Then again, we do our weekly hangout show.

But lately, Periscope, Meerkat etc have becoming increasingly popular.  Canadians don't want to be left behind, and so developers have come up with yeplive.

So, if you're interested in live streaming your events or just your thoughts for others, and want to support Canadian developers, why not check it out.

Livestreaming App Yeplive™ Launches to Cut Through the Clutter
New Livestreaming App Includes Unique Features: Archived Videos, GPS Verification, Landscape & Portrait Filming Orientation, Social Sharing to Facebook, Twitter, G+ and more. 
TORONTO, ON – Monday, June 22, 2015 –  Today Yeplive™ launched a new location-based livestreaming video app that allows users to broadcast, search for, and discover live events, festivals, and other happenings in their area and worldwide. Yeplive is the first livestreaming app available for iOS, Android, and on the web to include archived videos, social sharing on multiple platforms, and filming in portrait or landscape mode. 
“Live video streaming apps have become one of the largest tech trends in 2015 but many people aren’t sure how to cut through all the clutter,” said Elizabeth Stavros, COO of Yeplive. “We developed a platform that beams users into someone else’s experience, while allowing them to archive and share live video with anyone around the world, on their platform of choice, in their preferred format, and on any social network. 
Each livestream, or “Yep,” can be captured on Yeplive in both portrait or landscape orientation, and appears as a location-based pin for other users to view, share, comment on, and re-share. Yeps remain live on the map for 24 hours and are then archived to each user’s profile. Unlike other livestreaming apps, Yeplive offers full social sharing of real time videos to Facebook, Twitter and Google+, with Instagram sharing coming soon. 
To discover Yeps, the platform opens to a map view to showcase what’s happening nearby right now, as well as what’s happening in other parts of the world. Livestreams are displayed as a red pin on the map, allowing viewers to tune in and comment on live events anywhere. Users called “Yepsters” can search by hashtag, title, or location, and the discovery page filters Yeps by what’s popular, what’s trending locally, or what your friends/followers are posting. 
Yeplive will announce several entertainment partnerships soon, and the company has already partnered with television personalities who will be using the app for live broadcasts. 
Yeplive is available as a free download in the App StoreGoogle Play Store, and on the Web for all English-speaking countries, and will soon be available in most languages globally. 
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