When it comes to apps, do we go for the usual or do we use new stuff? Let's find out!

Among different people in our group and some readers and followers, I asked them to name top 5 apps they use, but I also made a little constraint on that notion that they couldn't use any apps already mentioned.

So they gave me their list and I indicated to them if a said app was already listed and if it was I was add it to me overlap list and get them to choose another one.

The results are interesting and I already had a good picture in my head of who used what. I didn't inquire into the reason as to why they selected said app over another that did the same thing.

First off we have me. The guy that likes to change things up and go full on custom.

Sunrise Calendar

SafeInCloud is one my own staples, it might not be as well known as some others on the market, but it covers every platform you can think of and it's completely open source. It's standard encryption size for your password list is set to be 256AES. It can integrate itself into all the platforms used, which makes it quite versatile. This leads me to go with CloudMagic, I've tried so many out there and this is the go to app. I keep coming back to this one, but I also switch frequently to Boxer as well. When it comes to texting, I need something fast and easy. Textra covers that, better than other text messaging apps I've used. As much as I have an active lifestyle, I have to keep track of many things, which is why Sunrise Calendar is there, it's well designed Agenda widget is what sold me. Last but not least, Pushbullet, it's main goal to have the ability to reply to text messages from the desktop and push files to the phone.

The next one on the list is +Sylvain Le Bourhis 

Forks Over Knives
Solid Explorer

Sylvain is passionate about what he eats and one of his apps, which could be a bit more obscure than others is Fork Over Knives. A graceful recipe list of delicious items. I highly encourage anyone to check it out. With Solid Explorer, you have an the potential to be able to do a lot, browse your device storage, SDcard, access network share, heck, even create an FTP server, but ultimately it just about being able to manage the content of your device. BubbleUPnP is a staple in the world of Android, give you the ability to cast, stream anything from your device to the ever so expanding list of devices. This isn't limited to just DLNA or Chromecast devices. Most of us are using 2 Step Authentication systems and its a well known fact you'll be safer, which is why Sylvain is using Google Authenticator app. FolderSync has one goal, to keep everything on every device the same. Whatever folder you need all your device will be in sync with it.

+Ryan Moore has an interesting list of apps, you'd never guess what his apps of choice are!

Google Now Launcher
The Weather Network

Ryan definitely went all on board with the Google experience. His main choice is Google+, unlike many other social network, Google+ makes sense and it's by far the most resource rich community that I've seen on the internet. There's nothing like the Google Now Launcher to experience the full potential of what Android and Google is. If you're in it to have a genuine experience go for the Google flavor. If you're in it to win it, then there's Ingress, Google's own immersive interactive live game, 2 factions battling each other and it gets wild! This wouldn't be complete without being able to have access to all your cloud files via the Drive app from Google, making the hard working men he is and keeping an eye out with The Weather Network might be a good thing when running around!

+Rob Blaich is the new kid on the block and he's definitely making waves, but is he making waves when it comes to his top 5 apps?


He started off with an app that keeps track of all your notes and more. This is one of the more mainstream applications that is available on Google Play, but while continuing the Journey it would seem he's also the kind to keep a journal with his next app. I'm definitely intrigued! Let's not forget a staple in the likes of Snapseed which will help you to enhance your photos and create a better experience when posting images online or sharing with family and friends. What would be a hard working guy without the ability to get access to his work email using Nine, this is by far one of the none mainstream email for exchange I have seen. The beauty of the app itself and its integration with exchange is crafty! Rob swears by it since it's the only one that works with Exchange 2003. Lastly, we have the Pebble app, because is just that pebble guy running around and he's a die hard fan!

From now on I'll name +Andrew Penner the King Kong of Battery packs, with the reviews he's posted he was a prime choice for getting to see what his app of choice were.
GSam Battery
Weather Underground
Today Calendar

Keeping an eye out for your battery usage is a good thing, because sometimes you may get rogue apps that just sucks the battery life right out, but this is also true when you keep your screen on all the time! If you're like me and Andrew, you like to keep your apps, interesting and Timely does just that and more. Keeping in line with your routine is hard enough as it is and timely will make sure you get up on time to get to work. The weather underground app, I'm sure comes in handy for Andrew as he's making the trek to work every day and keeping a close on the fast changing weather is not a bad idea. Telegram is a newer instant messaging platform that aims to provide end to end encrypted conversation and it's really been one of those gems in the rough. This app delivers on everything you need. Secure, private conversation away from eavesdroppers. Keeping a schedule? Need to have an agenda for all the meetings and or plans you have? Today Calendar will deliver on that with a beautiful interface and design. It will keep you up to date just like Sunrise.

+Cass Morrison has a pretty easy list of choices when it comes to her apps. They need to be useful and handy.

Google Now
Weather Time Line

Google Now is well know for it's information cards, anything from the news, to emails, to keeping track of purchase you made online. I wouldn't be far off if I said Cass uses Google Now for even more than that. Then comes another favorite of the Google family, Inbox, the goal is to Declutter your mailbox and keeping track of all the needed information all in easy to find categories. Feedly is a gem just by itself, providing news content in a great way. The ease to add whatever you want to read is fantastic. It would seem that Cass also has a habit of keep track of the weather as well with Weather Time Line, geezz, is there something I don't know about Alberta? Keeping your device clutter free on your home screen is a key thing for Cass as she mentioned it several times, she keeps only one screen. Glovebox will allow just that by providing a swipe in sidebar with all the apps you may need.

+Shaun Rioux is a typical system admin with some obvious choices in terms of his apps.

VNC Viewer
Hackers Keyboard

Shaun is using staple when it comes to Authy, it's beautifully designed, works well and it's fast. It allows to even backup the settings. I was wondering when someone would mention the Hangouts application and now someone did! This provides an instant messaging platform for anyone using the Google ecosystem, but not only that, it also allows you to integrate your SMS. If you're in the US, you can even use it with your Google voice number. Being the system admin he would definitely require SSH to interact with some of his unix base servers and who would blame him? You'll also need to remote desktop into some PC's and what better to then VNC Viewer to remotely connect and manage box from a distance. Another favorite is the Hackers Keyboard, it allows to make a lot of modification to your soft keyboard that you wouldn't be able to do with any other keyboard app.

+Adam Slobodian likes to keep on top of the Android news and fallows +Android Coliseum, he's also a guy that likes to give out his 2cents.
Nova Launcher
ES File Explorer

Anyone using an Android device should be made aware that you can automate a lot of the usual boring tasks. Using Tasker you can achieve just that. I would like to have my WiFi turn off after 2mins if it's not connected. So I've created a task that will do just that. I've also used a task for when I'm in range of my home it will enable WiFi and then wait for it to be connected within 5 minutes and if not it will turn off. Swiftkey is by far the keyboard of choice among a lot of people, not only for its ability at predictive typing, but it's ability to learn your typing and swiping patterns. It's now up to the point that I could be entirely swiping other keys and it knows exactly what I'm going for. Nova Launcher is the default replacement launcher for any, with all the different abilities, it has it makes it the top choice for themers. When it comes to productivity, there's no denying that Gmail is at the top of the game as well and most Android devices will usually come pre-installed with it. ES File Explorer falls in the same category as Solid Explorer, two very powerful file manager.

There's some definite choices that are recurring among all the people above and this is the apps that showed up.

Gmail, Swiftkey, Nova, CloudMagic, Pushbullet, Inbox, Sunrise, Solid Explorer, Timely

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