Top 5 Reasons to get the LG G4

With so many new flagship phones on the market right now, it is hard to decide which one to get. If you are looking to get a new phone, the LG G4 is a great choice. Here's why:

1. Awesome screen

The G4’s 5.5” Quad HD screen is amazing. According to LG, the IPS Quantum Display offers 20 per cent greater colour reproduction, 25 per cent improvement in brightness and 50 per cent greater contrast in comparison with the G3. You’ll love it!

2. Great camera 

You will not have to carry a big DSLR camera everywhere you go. With the G4’s new manual mode you will feel like a real photographer.

The Manual Mode allows you to control the focus, shutter speed, ISO, exposure compensation and white balance.
In addition, the camera has a f/1.8 aperture lens which allows more light to hit the image sensor, resulting in better photos in low light conditions. It also features Optical Image Stabilization, Laser Autofocus, and high-res image sensors.
It produces amazing photos.

3. Removable Battery

You will not need to carry around big power banks anymore. The G4 has a 3,000 mAh removable battery. You can carry an extra one with you to double your battery life.

4. Micro SD card slot -

While other companies charge you more for extra built-in storage, the G4 has a micro SD card slot which supports up to 2TB. That’s plenty of room for all your awesome photos, music and videos.

5. Genuine full grain leather back

The G4 comes with a choice of premium genuine leather back cover in six different colours. It looks great and will make you feel real fancy. 

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