SipSup wants to help you remember your fun parties

Well, it's summer time, that means more likely we'll be outside more, enjoying the great outdoors, and potentially having more parties with our friends and family.

Most often those friends and family get togethers will have some sort of imbibing going on; and with our phones ever present with great cameras in tow we will often take many photos.

There's many a photo service out there that'll attach your photos to specific events or hashtags or whatever. is hoping to do something similar in that it provides a matching of a mini-social network and an NFC bearing glass to help you log and re-capture those moments.

The idea on this kickstarter project is that through a social network and using the tag on the glass you can take photos and log them.

Later on you can take the glass and tap the tag again t oshow you some random photos of past events.

Sounds like a pretty fun way to log your memories.

What do you think?

For $22 they'll ship one of their cups to anywhere.


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