OUYA bought by Razer

On a day where I was really contemplating the new Razer TV we hear of the purchase of one of the originators of the "Android console", the OUYA (who I almost backed those many years ago) by Razer.

Some might say how sad it was for OUYA and their huge hype and quick decline... others might look at it (like me) and say "Android TV" is a hit.  Razer is investing in it with their new box, and they're purchasing one of the first in the field to really help bring it further.   No more "Google TV" scenarios (which I still lament, as my Revue still rocks).

It seems the 'outing' of the news comes from Mesa, who had been advisors for OUYA, putting it on their website.

(note: the announcement is no longer on their website, but Liliputing was able to get the screen capture before)

Source: Mesa Global via liliputing

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