Opera Max - Will it save you data?

Today will explore the world of Opera Max and its ability to save you data while online, whether this be with WiFi or cellular data.

Before you go way out, you should take this into consideration; Opera Max doesn’t optimize any data sent using encrypted connections, so all your private data gets forwarded directly to the desired destination instead of being proxied through the Opera Max savings cloud.

What this means for you, anything that's HTTPS or VPN will not be processed. This leaves out services like, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft etc. So what will you really be saving?

App's that don't make use of HTTPS are the ones that will save you a lot of data on them. Browsing the web will save you as well. So yes, there's some savings to be had, but overall, will it be something you'd use often?

Let's view what I've got so far.

If we take a look at the above information, you can see that a lot of what's listed isn't saving me big, That's because it's HTTPS enabled apps. In the case of DeviantArt, you can see that some of the data is being saved and some isn't.

I'm saving 78.5MB of data on 334.80MB. You do have some savings yes, but if you're mostly going to be on social media, emails and browsing, you may not see a load of difference. Imagine when more apps evolve to all use HTTPS properly, this app will stop being useful.


  • Data management & savings

Opera Max helps you manage your data by providing real-time, daily and monthly data-usage statistics. Monitor your data usage to find out which apps are consuming most of your data and block the high-data-consuming apps. Opera Max extends your data plan by up to 50% by compressing videos, images and media from apps and websites. Less data to download from websites also means faster mobile-browsing speeds for your phone.

  • Track & save data on Wi-Fi

Some 80% of data usage happens on Wi-Fi. With Opera Max, you can also monitor data usage on Wi-Fi and benefit from Opera Max’s data compression on a crowded, public Wi-Fi hotspot. Opera Max data savings can be applied to mobile data and Wi-Fi data independently, with a dedicated “Savings on/off” switch.

  • Block apps & prevent data leakage

Track what your apps do on mobile & Wi-Fi connections to prevent some of them from using your data without your permission. You can also prevent them from tracking you in the background by reporting to their clouds or stop them from trying to connect to mobile networks to conserve precious battery. You can do all this with the new, upgraded “Blocked apps” section in Opera Max.

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