OnePlus permanently drops price on the One and offers deal with Dropbox

So the other day OnePlus had a weird flash sale on the One, where it was on sale for $50 off at various points through various days.

Well, it's going to be that price from now until they no longer have any Ones left in stock (which I'm assuming they're trying to clear out so they can have the capital to mass produce the Two).

Also, they've announced a special deal with Dropbox, where if you buy the 64GB version you can get 1 year of Dropbox 1TB plan for only $100 more.  That's 64GB of storage, plus 1TB in the cloud, all for $350USD.

Not bad.  Too bad tho' it's only for the year.  Obvious attempt to get you hooked on it and want to pay for the $120CDN/year plan.

Is it enough enticement for you?


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