Mugen Power charge case Sony Xperia Z2

The nice folks at MugenPower are awesome, I wanted to check out the raves they've been getting over the years for myself. They sent me one of the Xperia Z2 battery charger case to play with. MugenPower prides itself on providing high end product with a high end result and at the cost of 89,50$ this is something I'm sure I'd expect as well.

The number of different brands they support is impressive, anything from Acert to Wiko devices. Their products range from battery cases to extended batteries, anything anyone might need to keep the juice going.

Let's get technical for a bit, the charger case provides 3700 mAh of extra juice, when you account that the Xperia Z2 has an onboard battery of 3200 mAh this is a combined 6900 mAh of power.

This is enough to last me 2 days and I'm usually pushing 3 days at that point. Given that on any day I use about 50% of battery in an 10 hour period. You can charge the battery case 2 ways; Phone connected to battery case, which would charge the phone first then the battery case or separately.

The case does add a good centimeter to your bulk size, but it still feels normal in my pants pocket, it reminded me of my HTC Desire Z that I had. One of the side effect that I actually enjoyed, was the ability to get better pictures, I know this sounds funny, but with the back cover surrounding the camera the way it does, the pictures are more vivid and clear.

This brings the review of the MugenPower Xperia Z2 battery charger case to an end with a high note for the quality and reliability of it. If there would have to be a con, it would be the added bulk size it give the device, but I went into this expecting that completely, so this isn't a big issue for me.

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