Google Search's Context Awareness Already Works On Your Phone

You may not know this, but Google appears to have done some updating under the radar, and you can now ask some questions without stating where you. Here's a quick example posted by /u/Duxon on Reddit:

Following this demo, I started up Google Now and asked, "How long is the river?"

Google actually asked me, "Which River" and listed both the Red River and the Assiniboine river (my workplace is right near where they intersect")

I said, "River River" and was then provided with the answer. Slick!

Personally, I find this of good use, especially if you in a hurry. You could be next to a grocery store, but it's closed. You can Google, "When does this store open?" and Google would provide you with the business hours.

Some people have said they asked, "When will the next bus arrive?" and with only that said, Google provided bus information for the bus stop they're at.

Oh, and in case you didn't notice from the video - Running searches like this will work right from your Android Wear device too!

Source: Reddit

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