EatBy App helps cut down your wasted food

For some people... today is #NationalDonutDay ... for others it's World Environment Day.

In honour of that day, a new app has been launched called EatBy.

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The idea being that you log your food in your fridge, and it will remind you when things are going to go bad.

It also has an option to help remind you when to buy replenishments.

It's a pretty cool concept.  And there are plenty of papers out there that tell us how much food waste the average household has... this might help reduce that waste - and start getting us to not buy more than we need.

For me it would just double as reminding me what's in my fridge when I go shopping - I always forget if we have OJ or cheese.

EatBy App - screenshotEatBy App - screenshotEatBy App - screenshotEatBy App - screenshot

What do you think?


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