10 reasons why I think everyone needs a tablet

With services the likes of Netflix, CraveTV, Shomi and all the other possibilities for watching content, tablets are perfect for watching content on the go. They provide enough viewing space two people to enjoy without being cumbersome.

In our 24-hour society a 9 to 5 job is becoming more and more of a myth. With a tablet you can achieve work faster and easier. You can work on items while you're commuting or even more so if you're sitting on the sofa, but, what if you attached a keyboard to it to become even more productive?

Using a tablet within your professional job on an everyday basis has the potential to look more appealing. You're assisting to a presentation and you need to take notes, there's nothing more annoying in a presentation when someone rustle around with his papers. This is where the tablet has potential of helping you out by allowing you to take your notes and look professional while doing it.

Unlike your smartphone, a tablet is a one time purchase. It won't cost you extra every month like your smartphone does.

Have you thought about a low-end tablet? Many low-end tablets end up being the processing capacity of top quality smartphone. This allows them to complete heavier tasks than on a smartphone.

What do you do in your spare time? I tend to like to game, this is where a tablet comes in handy. With the power that tablets holds, this makes them the perfect candidate for games that requires a good push, say MMO's or racing games.

If you fancy sitting down and reading a good book like I do from time to time, there's nothing more annoying than having to look at the small screen, zooming in and out or having to move the page around. A tablet solves this issue by allowing you to view full size the content of a page and being comfortable doing it.

Even the cheapest laptop available at Best Buy will be the price of a mid-range to high range tablet, you'll get better all-around user experience with a tablet. You will also cherish that this tablet is lighter than a laptop when you're on the go, this is by far the best companion to be versatile.

As much as our messaging needs seem to revolve around Whatsapp, Hangouts, Messaging, requirements for texts and phone calls is rapidly becoming less important. With the versatility that Whatsapp, Hangouts and Messaging, you can easily communicate with video, text or making a phone call.

Tablets have the advantage of having bigger batteries. If you're on a long haul, you'll appreciate the fact that you can keep playing your game, writing a story or simply watch a movie without getting that uneasy feeling that you've drained your phone's battery.

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