Where did all my storage space go? I'm running on empty!!

We may have ample storage space on our devices, but sometimes I wonder where is it going. I often see chunks of space disappear into oblivion and then a few weeks later seems like some of it is back.

In any event, I decide to shed some light on the matter. I needed to know the breakdown of how this space is being used and for what purpose. Turns out that a lot of it is use by random files that don't seem to have a purpose. What did I do next? Deleted them, just to see some apps behaving abnormally.

With all this and done, I wanted an indepth look at what's on my storage, but instead of looking at the file browser, I wanted a breakdown of everything.

This is where Disk Usage & Storage Analyzer comes into play!

An excellent tool to give you a breakdown of what's being used, where and by what type.

It allowed me to browse down to the largest files that took most of the space. Unlike many people I don't normally do videos, but there it was, a 1GB file in 4K resolution. The information it displays provides anyone with an in-depth view of the storage for both on-board and the microSD.

This allowed me to grab that file and moved it over to my microSD card which can accommodate a lot with its 64GB capacity.

You'll be glad to know that there's a free version and a paid version of the application! Don't forget that if you do like the utility, you should consider buying the pro version and support the developers!