Tylt's Vü Solo review [and giveaway]

There's a saying around phones these days... once you go wireless charging - you don't go back.

I remember getting my first Nexus 4 that had Qi and once I started using it I had Qi pads just about everywhere.  Currently my G3 only supports PMA and have been trying to find the right back for it (after getting the wrong Qi back).

+TYLT has been making some amazing things in the past while - ever since I first reviewed their Vu stand way back I've been hooked on their products.  Solid build, quality customer service and... well, they work and look awesome.

The Vu stand was great for the strength of its coils (it had 3) but required you to have THEIR power adapter for it to work properly.  Kind of a pain - as I have USB ports everywhere and would be nice to be able to use them.  The Vu was meant for stationary and not to be taken around place to place.

Tylt's Vu Solo, however, is small enough that you could bring it with you when you travel.  Best of all is that it uses microUSB for its power supply.  Meaning, the charging block you were probably bringing anyways to charge your device, you can use to power the Solo and have hassle free charging.

I really like it - it does provide you a decent length of cable (but not charging block, you'll have to provide your own - but every phone comes with a good block already, so just use that) and the top of the Solo has a bit of a grip so your phone won't slide around on it - plus allows it to really find that 'sweet spot' and keep it there. On one of my old Qi pads for my N4 it was pretty smooth and I would wake up in the morning to find the device had slid off the sweet spot and didn't receive the charge.

The cable it comes with also has a little 'bumper' so you can easily align your phone on the pad to get the sweet spot.

Well, here's my quick video review of the device in action

If you've got a Samsung S4/S5/Note3/Note4 you can get the Tylt Vu-Mate to allow your phone to be Qi compatible.  The S6 is already compatible.

I just wish LG would be Qi compatible on their flagship lineups (the N4/N5 were, so why do we need special cases and specific models for their own?).

Now, seeing as I can't take advantage of this Qi... why not let one of you take it home?  Check out how to enter the contest below. I'll run it until my birthday!

Source: http://www.tylt.com/vu-solo-wireless-charger/

Win a Tylt Vu Solo

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