Real-Time GPS Tracker 2 - stay connected

I feel everyone has a right to privacy. That said, sometimes  it can be helpful to know where someone is without breaking into what they're doing. That's where Real-Time GPS Tracker 2 can come in handy. This app allows people to see where you are using Google Maps.

I did quite a bit of searching for an app that would allow me to check on hubby's location when he is out metal detecting. He's frequently alone in isolated areas. I would be able to see where he was and if he was moving if he was very late returning home and not answering his phone. Since it's very sporadic use I don't really want a subscription service. This is ad driven although you can purchase a $5 ad - free license for one year's use.

Set up is very easy. Create a username and password and you're done. You can also optimize battery use depending on location accuracy and what type of tracking you want to do. If you look closely at the picture to the right, the little red line by the Hwy # is when I took the desktop screens shot - that's when our GPSs were active. You can also set up guest accounts with passwords if you want to share a trip, or limit visibility to "friends". Location markers are the default Google Maps markers unless you add a picture in and you can choose which map style you want displayed.

Pros - there is always an icon showing it's installed and running. You can set who sees your location; erase profile and data from their servers;  watch real time movement; send messages from within app. Web site for people without the app installed.

Cons - GPS can use lots of battery

Case uses - If there is an event (fire, weather etc) that separates you from others, this app will locate them on the map and pick a meeting place (I would love wear support for this). The dev suggests using it to track your (larger) dog by attaching an old phone to them. Someone also said they helped a lost family member get to a location in a different city using the site.