Nexpaq - the swiss army tool of cases [kickstarter]

I've just had a friend send me this link, and I had seen it before, but had dismissed it as a Project Ara knock-off.  I gave it another look tho' and it's pretty interesting.

The idea here is that you buy a case for your phone (iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5 or Note 4 at the moment) and then you can buy modules to fit on the case which enhance your phone's natural abilities.  See, whereas Ara you're adding or swapping out a new camera, or larger storage, these are like extra accessories.

They currently have 12 modules right now:

  • Battery power (on top of the 1000mAh battery each case already includes)
  • Amplified Speaker
  • Super LED flashlight
  • SD card reader
  • Temperature and Humidity sensor
  • Hotkey (think 'pressy') for shortcuts
  • USB flash (but is it connecting into your phone?)
  • Air Quality
  • Breathalyzer (will they limit access to your phone if you blow over?)
  • Laser
  • Backup (64GB)
  • Dummy (to fill in the blank spaces)

Not too bad... some are a little gimmicky, but I wonder how is it working with your phone?  I wonder if they're talking to the phone and having to use its own 1000mAh power source (so it's not really extra battery for your phone) and then just relaying the information to the phone.  I can't see iOS really allowing hardware level modifications.

But, I've been wrong before.

Are you interested in this special case?  Or are you waiting for Project Ara?