Mr.Everything box promises a multi-tool of accessories in one

So, remember last year, when there was the "Coolest Cooler", the portable cooler that had everything a smartphone user might want... it even included a blender.  Well it also got over $13 million in kickstarter funding.

This summer it looks like the 'Mr.Everything' box will be the new cool thing to have.  Now it doesn't have a blender, and it won't keep your beer cold, but it does have:

  • 20,000mAh battery pack with 4 USB ports
    • If you get the Mr.Everything+, you'll also get an AC outlet
  • DC in/out
  • Qi charging
  • Bluetooth speakers (w/ NFC)
  • Utility (storage) container
  • LED lighting 

Sure looks like Mr.Everything has thought of just about 'everything'.

What else do you think it needs, or is it The Answer to your problems?

The Kickstarter is up and already at $6,000 of it's $100,000 goal (you can snag an early bird version for $250 or the "+ version" for $300; or get 2 for $650).  Shipping looks like it'll be in November this year.

Source: - kickstarter (