Motorola's Camera updated for more manual controls

We were just talking about this last night, the importance of a good camera in our smartphone.  Very important lately.  And with the trend to get better cameras, there's also a need to have better software, not only for rendering the image, but also the appropriate controls over what you want to take.

Point and shoot just isn't going to cover it any more...

Cover artWell, Motorola just released a new update to their Camera app which gives the photog a little more control on taking the photo (meaning less editing after, which is good).

The update now allows a slider to adjust the brightness of the photo (i.e. the exposure).

This is useful when the exposure is fooled to thinking the scene is already too dark or bright (i.e. snowy days or at the beach, or just at dusk).

Here's hoping they add more to the Moto X camera app down the road.

Source: Play Store

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