Minecraft to be getting controller support soon!?

Well, chalk this up in the "I'm going to have to buy another accessory soon" category.

It looks like the ever popular Minecraft game will be getting Android controller support.  Developer for the game Tommaso Checchi, who's been keeping us up to date on the beta builds (which my son is loving, getting baby zombies, fishing, etc...) recently tweeted that they're looking to rejig the interface so that they could have controller support.

This sounds awesome.  I mean it means I'll have to go and get a separate controller as I see my son stealing my STEELSERIES FREE controller for his own and I'll have to find a new one.

My overall hope for this is that this means that it would come to our Nexus Player.  That'll just blow my son's mind (maybe he'll stop asking for an Xbox then).

Source:  Twitter via AndroidPolice