Impecca's PowerIt helps power not only your phone

I love finding odd types of accessories, especially something that can help me in other situations - consider the hand crank fm radio I reviewed last year for camping season.  Helps me listen to my phone's music, power it via the solar and hand cranking when it rains.

This past week I was sent the PowerIt power battery that not only has USB ports to charge your device, this can help jump your car battery.

I have the 8,000mAh PowerIt version with a 400 Peak Amp capability.  Pretty cool.  When I go camping, there's been a couple times where we've gone as a group and sure enough, one guy's battery died for whatever reason.  Doesn't happen a lot... but it's a real pain in the ass when it does.  In those scenarios luckily there were other cars.

This device has 2 USB ports, one at 1.2A and the other at 2.1A and the indicator will light up to tell you how much of the 8,000mAh are in there.  There's a power button to bring it up to charge status, and holding it down turns on a light (pressing it again will cause it to cycle through various flashing patterns).

In the little zip kt it comes in is AC and DC charging cables to charge up the battery, a microUSB cable to charge your phone and includes the clips to attach it to your car.

I didn't test the battery clips as I haven't run my vehicle's battery down yet... but I did try the supplied USB cable; and let me just say, if you get this, don't use that cable.  It's tiny, it's white and it really weak.  Often it would take forever the device to recognize and when it did it would give the warning of a low charge.  It had me really worried the first couple days.

Then I figured I'd switch it out to another cable and have had no issues whatsoever.  Works like a charm

It's really a great addition to your kit in a car as a full charge on the battery should last about 6 months.  I always like to have a couple kits in my car, first aid, mini survival and I've had a battery jumper cable set as well.  This is compliments everything nicely.  Definitely something I'm bringing with me next canoe trip to have in the car for when I get done... just in case.

Depending on your need to charge other devices, it comes in a variety of mAh, starting at 8,000mAh for $100 to 16,500mAh for $160.  There's even a 36kmAh version with 800A of power at $380.