How is your device going to assist you this long weekend?

So, it's going to be the Long Weekend.  Lord bless good ol' Queen Victoria as we get to celebrate her birthday in style by taking the Monday off.

For many of us this is the first time to really get out there and see what the winter has done to our yards (I know +Cass Morrison has a new rake to test); some will be heading out to camp (if you're not in Northern Ontario, you might call that your cottage); some will just sit back and relax.

For either method of how you spend your weekend, no doubt the ubiquitous smartphone won't be too far away.

How will you be using your phone this weekend to help you pass the time?

Personally, I've got Youtube loaded up with how-to videos to get some repairs and miscellaneous 'honey-do' lists to complete (gotta figure out how to replace a barbecue burner).  So for me it's going to be a learning tool .. but I'll also be rocking out with some tunes with either a great outdoor speaker or my headphones.

What are you planning?  Sound off in the new comments we've got set up, and don't forget to follow us to stay in touch.

Whatever you plan, plan on being safe and we'll talk again on the Tuesday!