Boxer mail client is also the new email client for Cyanogen

Boxer has been around for a few years on Android and it's been getting a lot of press and traction. One of the big names in the Android community is Cyanogen. Boxer has partnered with Cyanogen to provide them with Boxer as the default mail client.

When I initially saw the news on the subject matter, I was speechless, but this made complete sense with the direction that Cyanogen is going.

I reached out to my contact over at Boxer to get more information, seeing as I didn't see any app update since February 2015.

This is what he had to say on the subject:

"Really appreciate you reaching out proactively to us. And yes, you are correct :) We have several exciting things to share. Of course, they are all under embargo, but different announcements will start to go public as soon as late this week/early next. I’d love to catch up with you guys and give you a head’s up."

So now I'm patiently waiting to hear about these new and exciting things that are going to be happening soon with Boxer. In the mean time, let's take a look at what Boxer offers.


* SWIPE TO DELETE - Swipe to archive, trash, spam, and 9 other custom options
* CLOUD ATTACHMENTS - Dropbox and Box support
* EVERNOTE INTEGRATION - Send emails to Evernote with just a tap
* GMAIL LABELS - Full Gmail label support
* SMART FOLDERS - Boxer remembers where you like to file things
* CONFIGURABLE INTERFACE - Don't like our swipe actions? You can change them in the settings.
* PROFILE PICTURES - See who your message is from with profile pictures right in your inbox
* CANNED RESPONSES - Use "Quick” replies to send common responses while on the go
* TODO LIST - Swipe to your To-Do list and never forget an important message
* EMAIL “LIKES” - You can Like an email to quickly acknowledge a friend’s message

Boxer supports all major email providers, including:

* Googlemail (Gmail, Google Apps)
* Microsoft (Exchange 2003 & up,, Hotmail, MSN, Office 365, and Live)
* Yahoo mail (Ymail)
* Apple iCloud
* IMAP and POP3 accounts

Swipe Actions:

Great tools mold themselves to fit you better over time. You’ll love the ability to quickly swipe left to archive, delete, or mark as spam. Choose from 12 options and customize your swipes to fit your style.

Cloud File Integration:

Important files in the cloud? With Boxer, you can attach a photo or add a file from Dropbox or Box when you send a message.


We've added a Like button to your mailbox. Tap Like to quickly acknowledge a friend's message and they'll know you "liked" it. It's the fastest way to respond and let them know you got it.


The To-do feature moves the selected message from your Inbox to your personal To-do list within Boxer.

Profile Photos:

See who your messages are from with the addition of profile images. 


Boxer is a true email client and connects directly to your mail provider for the ultimate in speed, security and availability.

Boxer For Exchange:

• Exchange support (via ActiveSync)

Boxer Pro:

• Multiple account support
• Custom quick replies
• Custom signatures

Boxer Pro + Exchange:

• Multiple account support
• Custom quick replies
• Custom signature
• Exchange support (via ActiveSync)