Android Wear watches getting 5.1.1

With all the Nexus devices now having OTA links and factory images online and available, the update is starting to make its way to the Wear lineup.

Android Wear 5.1.1 screenshotNow 5.1.1 brings a few new great features to Wear, some you'll like, some you'll love.  +Sivan Rehan talked about it during the show last night... but if you missed her talk about it, there's some great new features and layouts - and then also some issues.  For a fuller walk through look forward to an article from Sivan or myself (whenever my G Watch gets it).

Looks like right now the update is rolling out to the LG lineup (Urbane, G Watch R, G Watch) and the Asus Zenwatch with others coming out down the road.  Most likely these ones first as they don't have the Wifi chip - which 5.1.1 now starts to work with properly.

For a full list of the features and to get some links so you can flash your own, see below:

  • Wrist gestures - scroll through the options by flicking your wrist
  • New launcher to see your apps and settings
  • Draw emojis
  • support for the companion app to switch between watches easier
  • Screen lock
  • Display font size adjustments
  • Apps can be 'always-on'

Don't mind me, I'll just be here waiting for my update.

Source: Android Wear Help Forum and download links via XDA

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