5 awesome Android Wear apps

I shared my 10 top Android Wear apps with you in the past but since then I discovered a few more that I really like. You should definitely try them out.

5 awesome Android Wear apps that you need to try:

1 Instant

Instant lets you browse your Instagram feed from your Android Wear watch. After logging into your account on your phone, you can open Istant either with voice commands or from the launcher. You can double tap to like an image or long press to view full screen images including likes and comments. For now, it is not possible to comment from the watch, to comment click the “view on Phone” button. It is a great way to burn a few minutes if you are bored. 

2. Weather Timeline - Forecast

Whether timeline is a great weather app with a beautiful UI. The app offers Wear support as well. You can choose the places to show on your watch and the update frequency. The weather will be shown on a card with an hourly breakdown and unlike the Google Now cards, you can bring the notification back by accessing the app on the watch. What I also like about this app is that you can set an “Umbrella alert”. Unlike Google which will alert you of rain when it’s too late, It can let you know in the morning, or at any time you set, if there is a chance for rain throughout the day.

3. Tally Counter

This app lets you count anything you need to count right on your wrist. It can be used for anything. You can name your tallies, save and go back to them at a later time. I use it to give my children good behavior points.

4. Framer for Android Wear

Framer allows you to set custom overlays on your Android Wear device. I use it to make my Asus ZenWatch face look more rounded. I like how it makes it look a bit more funky.
The Pro Version allows you to use your own image as an overlay and set your own custom frames.

5. Wear Audio Recorder

Old school memo recording on your wrist. To start recording you will need to open the app, unless you purchase the pro version which will give you an option to open it with an OK Google voice command. Perfect for Twin Peaks fans.

Let us know in the comments below if you know of any great Wear apps worth trying.

Source: Google Play

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