Project Fi... what a lot of us Canadians have longed for (and Google won't give us)

So, before we get into it, let's just first mention that a) it's not available to Canadians, and b) it's only for Nexus 6 users (at the moment).

I've often strove to ensure that when I talk on this site, that it would be for products and services that are available only to Canadians, or at least provide impact for us.

This is a bit of a stretch for me to include... but I SOOOO want to have it here.

Project Fi is Google's long awaited wireless service.  The idea being that Google becomes a sort of MVNO where you can talk/text/data all on either WiFi connections out there or where Google will have cellular coverage (they have dozens of LTE partners to work with).

You can not only maintain your connection via multiple types of connections, you'll be able to utilize your number across multiple devices.

As for the plan:  it's not uber cheap as you might hope for. Price is $20 + $10xGB/month.  i.e. A 3GB data plan (which includes unlimited US calls and international texting) runs you $50 (a 9GB plan would be $110).  Still this is much less expensive than any Canadian equivalent.

Here's the coolest part - you'll get a credit for your unused data at the end of each month.    HOLY HELL that's awesome.

Going even further if you use it in other countries, the data usage costs is exactly the same (but you may be limited to just 3G).

For those of you in the US, I'm supremely jealous and hate all your guts.  Currently you can request an invite to join by going here: