Noir from Degauss Labs brings HI-FI to the next level

The latest release Noir in-ear headphones from Degauss Labs, a Swedish based company, which has made its point in establishing themselves among the best sound experience. It's important to note that this model was made for Android devices.

I'm always looking at getting a better music experience when I'm out and about. I don't consider myself to be an audiophile by any length, but I do enjoy hearing something that sounds like an orgasm of sounds.

Being that I own some of the best pair on the market such as Sennheiser and Klipsch, I decided to give Degauss Labs a shot.

The product was launched earlier this year at the cost of 129$ (USD), it's not for the faint of the hearth, but it's really worth the cost.

The hybrid 2-way driver unit provides deeper bass and prolific vocals. This 2 set of speakers is designed to provide the high and mid frequencies while the second will deliver the thumping bass.

The in-ear housing piece is designed to provide suppression to let the smooth frequencies be delivered to the listener's ears, added to that the noise isolating ear buds which increases the noise attenuation.

Degauss Labs Noir headphones come with 3-button in-line microphone with full Android media control support so you can pause the music, change tracks, increase or decrease the volume and of course talk through the built in microphone. For maximum comfort the Noir´s comes with five pairs of specially designed ear cushions each designed with a large-bore opening. A braided 1.2m cable reduces microphone sound discomforts.

In the end you're left with an awesome enjoyable musical experience.

Since this headset design is tailored to Android devices, you can head over to the Google Play Store and get an excellent app from Degauss Labs that will allow you to set your favorite music player, which will also provide you with extra options.

Thanks to Nicolas at Degauss Labs for sending me a pair of their newest ear buds!

Degauss Labs Noir
Google Play Store