Movie Mate [quick app review]

Earlier this week, I quickly reviewed Show Tracker, an app to help me track TV shows and while I’m looking to better track progress of my media consumption, might as well start doing it with movies. Since January, I was using Flixster but just abandoned it because I got tired of waiting and waiting for the app to fetch data on every screen… slowly and not always surely. Anyways, that’s out the window forever now and after a quick search on the Play Store, I just welcomed Movie Mate in my life! Another well built app that uses Material Design.

Movie Mate offers different tabs like Top Lists, Trending, In Theaters, Coming Soon, DVD Releases and Upcoming DVDs where you have to swipe left or right for access. Once you click on a movie cover, the app brings you to the movie overview tab; you can watch the trailer in YouTube by tapping the play button. You want to swipe some more? You’ll have access to People, Reviews and Showtimes. From the Overview tab, a FAB (Floating Action Button) will give you access to adding the movie to your Watchlist, Watched List, Collection, Custom Lists or the rating interface.

Here's some screenshots to look at:

If like me you want to use Movie Mate to it’s full potential, you need a account. I created one for free and it only took me a minute. You can also sign-in with your Google+ account if you want. Having Movie Mate linked to will let you sync the data of your watched list or ratings let’s say. On the Play Store, the app comes in two versions. One free (with ads) and one Pro version (without ads and a couple more options). I would prefer having one app where you can upgrade using in-app purchase because I first tried the free version, and then had to uninstall it to install the pro version… a little redundant.
I really like the app so far and I’m very excited to start building my database of movies. Maybe from now on, it’ll be easier to decide what movie I wanna watch by just looking at my watchlist. Try it out and let me know what you think, and if you’re not using Movie Mate, what app is your app of choice for tracking movies?

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