Moto 360 - 3 weeks in

When my Z3Compact updated to Lollipop my Gear Fit stopped connecting - hello Moto 360 running AndroidWare. I have my phone on silent in a pocket while at work so I want something discrete for notifications.

After talking with +Sivan Rehan about her Zen watch I was ready to buy one of those but there were a couple things missing. I didn't want to import a device because ... reasons and I wanted to be able to try it on first. I think I mentioned on G+ that I did a couple pushups in the store to make sure it was comfortable. Also, I had a gift card.

People used to ask if my Fit was an Apple Watch - now the questions really stepped up as I started using the Moto 360. Not just checking calls, texts and time but the main handy use I've found is Stocards! No more missing out on rewards. Aeroplan, Sephora, American Eagle Outfitters - how handy is it to have a barcode on your wrist instead of shuffling through your wallet/phone.

I was concerned (and still am a bit) about the lack of a speaker, especially since I find the vibration/buzz not very vigorous. Now that I've used it awhile I've found it's actually perfect for me. When I'm busy I'm not going to answer the phone unless it's important, nor am I going to talk to my watch. Since I'm using EvolveSMS I have texts set to two long buzzes. Voice recognition is good but I would really like a swipe keyboard like there is on the Gear S. Speaking clearly requires some privacy. It is a little laggy when it first wakes up but aren't we all? I'll adapt.

I still use the 360 mainly as a watch and fitness tracker but love the ability to search and set reminders without needing to pull out my phone. People ask why one would want a watch when they have a phone - how small do things have to get. With the 360 I can do quick checks of notifications and control some phone functions (music) with a device that defaults to a useful watch. I am confident that android wear will continue to improve and Motorola seems to upgrade on the device so I shouldn't need (want?) a hardware upgrade right away.