Google brings power to the users in many interesting ways

Google has brought a lot of innovation in the past several years and even today.

If you're a user of Google's Chrome browser, you may want to look into some commands that can be performed by your browser which have an impact on your mobile device.

Such feature like "find my phone" directly from the Google Search page gives a location of where your actual phone is located. Of course, this isn't 100% accurate and you could still be looking for a while.

By all indications this is very nice to know and have.

Another useful feature is the "set reminder", you can definitely use this one as well directly in your Chrome browser. Here's a an example;

These were just examples among the few options that are available to people. Google is always innovating by bringing features that people might want to use. If you ever need to run some errands during work or after, one of the other useful feature that can be done from the search field is "send directions". Getting to your destination without any hassle.

It would be important to note, that since Google has a habit of gradually making feature slowly available to people, some might not be able to use all the features at this present time.

If you really wanted to give this a try with some of the other commands that aren't working for you, you can add the following string to the end of URL query and re-run it: &gl=us

Beside me, does anyone else make use of all these little neat feature that in the end makes your life easier? Comment below and I'll be sure to entertain an interesting conversation!