Android Wear system update a'comin'

I like my Android Wear watch.  It took me a while to get used to having come from the Sony SmartWatch 1... there's still some things that I feel like it lacks, but overall I think it's a great device and I get stopped daily asking about it

Now it's going to get better.  The latest update (rolling out ... soon hopefully) will bring a slew of features:

  • Allowing apps to stay 'always on' - this will be very handy if you're using it for shopping lists, or mapping... so that if the screen times out you don't have to go and reload the card/app.
  • WiFi support.  Currently this is only limited to the SmartWatch 3 by Sony
  • Motion support - use tilt maneuvers to scroll through the lists
  • Apps and Contacts are easier to find - currently you have to tap the watch, then go to Start Apps (if the one you want isn't in the recent list).  This will put the 'google now' response screen further away, but it's always super easy to get, just say "ok google"
  • Scribble support for emoji - if you just want to draw a happy face

Let's just see how long it takes to get to our watch!

If you're needing to see what watches are available - don't forget to visit for our comparison chart and handy dandy infographic!