4k displays for your phone? Sharp's ready

I remember when folks were saying that the QuadHD display was going to be 'too much'.  But my G3 has been awesome, and the battery hasn't really suffered all that much more than non-QuadHD.  Batteries and processors are getting even better.

Well, after getting a chance to play with a 4K TV, I find it hard to think of anything but lately - so getting it in a phone would be pretty cool as well.

Sharp's ready to take it to that level with their announcement of their new display screen.

5.5" display as big as it is I think might be a little overkill for squeezing in as much ppi as possible.

I would have liked to see 4K on a tablet first; but still, this will be interesting indeed.

How will the battery be?  What device will they put it on (Sharp's not exactly known for their devices)?  The proper marriage of all the aprts is going to be super important.

Source: http://www.phonearena.com/news/Sharp-not-even-joking-announces-5.5-inch-4K-IGZO-display-with-mind-blowing-806ppi-pixel-density_id68189