What's up with WatchMaker? I keep seeing this all over the place

You're not going insanely mad, no! You may be wondering why all this chatter about  watch faces lately.

Wearables are the thing of today, tomorrow and they're not about to be going away anytime soon. It will only keep increasing throughout the course of the year.

If anything the current statistic shows a growth. The big fuss with wearables is that you get to view some of your phone's notification on your watch and in turns allows you to interact, dismiss or simply delete.
Just like on your smartphone, you do have the ability to customize the look and feel of your watch. Think of it as a skin. The Google Play store is growing with them and a very fast rate.

There was bound to be an app that would allow simple users, like you and me, the ability to create our own watch faces. No need for endless hours or coding, implementing and testing. Something simple and ease to use.

This is where Watch Maker comes into play! Simple and elegant interface that allows you to implement a background, your dials, needle heads and more.

Features exclusive to WatchMaker :
• Animated GIFs - Add custom animations to your watch!
• 3d Gyroscope - Create an amazing parallax effect!
• Interactive Watches - Create hotspots to launch watch or phone apps!
• Calendar - Choose which calendars to show!
• Weather / Moon Icons - Add in 1-click!
• Countdowns - Days until your birthday, Christmas, etc!
• Text Effects - Add glow, outline, even flat shadow!
• 1-Click Widgets - Including battery (watch/phone) + WiFi widgets!
OpengGL Shaders - Powerful rendering for watch segments, radars
• Free Watches - Get 1000's of watchfaces from FaceRepo + our huge G+ community!
Tasker - Full tasker integration to set watchface, change variables, run tasks
• Compass - Add rotating compass or bearing
• Stopwatch - Why design a watch when you can build a stopwatch?!
• Multiple Time Zone - Set up to 3 custom time zones
• Series of hours / minutes Zooper style!
• Heart rate and step counter for fitness
• Expressions using LUA a high performance games-based expression library!
• Time Machine - test your watch at any speed to see how it looks in the future!

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