Want the new Galaxy S6 - where can you get it in Canada?

Well, we've heard enough of the Galaxy S6 (and we'll probably talk a lot about it tonight during the show), but let's assume you're convinced and you want it.  What now?

Well, in Canada we have some news about where/when you can get it, and here goes:

Rogers / Fido

you can pre-order it on their site at www.rogers.com/reserve

  • No price announced yet
  • Pre-order and you can get the wireless charger free
  • Fido says available April 10th


Pre-order is available


Pre-order on March 5.


You can pre-order now.

You will get a $50 Google Play Gift Card when you order (whether that's a Samsung or SaskTel thing I don't know).


You can pre-order with $100.

They have the prices as:
$749 Samsung Galaxy S6 - 32GB
$859 Samsung Galaxy S6 - 64GB
$969 Samsung Galaxy S6 - 128GB

$849 Samsung Galaxy S6 edge - 32GB
$959 Samsung Galaxy S6 edge - 64GB
$1069 Samsung Galaxy S6 edge - 128GB


Pre-orderable and they list the carrier subsidized costs:S6 edge or S6

32GB - $250
64GB - $360
128GB - $470

...and then a $100 extra if  you want the edge.

If you preorder the S6 edge now you'll get a $200 headset.


Pre-order page is up, but you can't start until March 9th!

Any that I'm missing?