TYLT's Moto 360 wrist band feels better than leather!

TYLT definitely knows how to work me up! Their products are among the finest in the industry and they do strive to make sure that clients are very aware of their dedication.

The wrist band that they produce for the Moto 360 was released just a few months ago, but it was present back in last November. I became an interested party when attempting to find the perfect replacement wrist band.

The nice folks at TYLT were just as excited as I was when they offered to send me one of their units. Just like a kid in a candy shop! It's no secret that I like my accessories, whether this is for my smartphone or anything else.

You might want to check out some of the features of the wristband.

This band offers everything you need for an active lifestyle! Easy to clean as well. One of the things to consider if you have large wrists like I do, you may want to avoid the band. I'm in the last possible hole clip. Something TYLT might want to consider is having longer wristbands.