Serious overhaul of Copy's internal sync engine!

Just recently Copy got a nice update, which, by now if you haven't noticed should bring it up to speed!

The revamp in question is the internal sync engine of the application. This should now allow users to be able to sync faster, overall smoothness and just a totally better experience for the users.

Something to note as well is when you access your links in copy, it will actually open up the app vs the browser from now on.

There's even more! You are now able to view your PDF files directly with copy, something that should save many from having multiple applications, but if you're like me, you already have a pretty darn good PDF reader.

I think copy has upped its game and I'm sure +Ryan Moore is going to want to test this out!

App Features as it stands right now from the Google Play Store:
• Chromecast support! You can now stream any audio, video, or photos stored in your Copy account to a Chromecast-connected television.
• PhotoCopy: A quick, easy way to sync your photos and videos with your Copy account
• PhotoCopy automatically uploads any photo or video you take with your device's camera for a safe and fast backup
• Enable PhotoCopy in your preferences
• On-demand access to all your files
• Easy file sharing without big attachments
• Invite other people to join your folders for even easier sharing
• Upload your photos, videos, or anything from your SD Card
• Now upload a photo straight from your camera!
• Download past versions of any file

Google Play Store URL: Copy