Samsung's Galaxy Unpacked event

Alright, we've heard all the rumours and today we see who was right and who was just caught up in the hype.  (It was great to hear J.K. Shin address that directly:  "no more rumours")

Samsung hosted their annual unpacked event, which means they get to showcase their new mobile device(s).  I've watched the streamed even (so I'll struggle to write in past tense).

Let's see if all the hype up to now is lived up to.

The Next Galaxy

Set out to develop something better than anything out there.  The best of design and practicality and apparently redesigned from the ground up.  They look really cool, according to Shin.  Matching the best display, the best processor and best security.

Samsung Pay - they'll be working with Mastercard and Visa for contactless payment.

Wireless charging built in!  (Qi or PMA?)

Samsung has spent time and energy for 'relentless innovation' in order to transform society for the better, by making life easier and more productive.

Available April 10 in either 32GB/64GB/128GB

Designed with a purpose

Most advanced phones in the world with a design to match.

Your friends will think "it's very cool".


Gorilla Glass 4 is super tough and metal is now 50% stronger (on both sides).  Will not 'bend'!

6.8mm thin


64bit 14nm FinFET processor means 20% improvement in processing and 35% less battery consumption.

Using DDR4 RAM for an 80% performance improvement.

eMMC for faster storage access.

QuadHD Super AMOLED (577ppi)


Fastest battery charging in the industry.  10min of charging to get 4h of battery.  And battery is now built in.  Will work with WPC (Qi) and PMA wireless charging.


FFC - 5MP @ f/1.9 with bigger sensor
real-time hdr
low light shot
Rear camera - 16MP @ f/1.9 and OIS
low light video
launches in 0.7s (always on)

UX Innovation

Design philosophy helped design user interface - focused on the essentials so it's easier to use.  removing icons for simple text.  NO SCROLLING

Insanely responsive.

Visual response now more in line with Material Design.  More legible and simpler.

Samsung Pay

NFC only is less than 10%, not acceptable, so they developed MST to be accepted now at 90% of US retailers - works even when it's just a swiper!

Security - Ready for Business

Knox helps Android ready for the enterprise realm.  Ready for most Mobile Device Management systems (including Blackberry!).

The Galaxy S6

Exynos 7 octacore (1.5GHz x4 + 2.1GHz x4)
available in 32, 64 or 128GB
16MP/5MP both at f/1.9

The Galaxy S6 Edge

2560x1440 with dual curve edges
Exynos 7 octacore (1.5GHz x4 + 2.1GHz x4)
available in 32, 64 or 128GB
16MP/5MP both at f/1.9

Edge will glow in colours according to a contact colour you set.

Slide out from the edge to bring out simple notifications.

Gear VR (new)

Will work with S6 models