Journey (Journal, Diary) review

Who would have thought I’d get obsessed keeping up a diary so late in my life? It makes me laugh everytime I think about it. I have to admit I was first looking for an app to keep a log of what was going on during my cruise in the Caribbean. I never planned on using Journey past the cruise but I guess it just kept growing on my as I was using it!

Journey (Journal, Diary) - screenshot

Journey is free and you have to option to in-app purchase an upgrade to enjoy all the options. The extra options you get when you purchase the app are:
  • Markdown shortcuts 
  • Night Mode in edit mode 
  • Backup entire journal to local storage 
  • Watermark is removed from entries you print 

Things I like about the app:
  • Beautiful and intuitive UI. All Material Design. 
  • Ability to add tags for easy sorting. 
  • You can write something in your diary and when you import a photo, the app asks you if you want to modify the entry date to the date of the photo. 
  • Have the option to save the photos taken within the app in your gallery or not. 
  • All your journal is automatically synced across all your devices with Google Drive using In-app data (Your data is stored “privately” in Google Drive). 
  • Widget to add an entry from your homescreen. It bypasses your optional passcode for quicker access to the edit mode but without letting you access the rest of the app so your privacy is covered. 
  • Reminders won’t let you forget to write on a daily basis. 
  • Chrome app available! so you’re not limited to only your phone or tablet. 
  • You can read your entries on Android Wear ( Simply shake your watch to shuffle!
Journey (Journal, Diary) - screenshot Journey (Journal, Diary) - screenshotJourney (Journal, Diary) - screenshot Journey (Journal, Diary) - screenshot

Why would I ever want to keep a diary? The creators of Journey are pointing to an article by Currently Higher Perspective showing 6 Reasons Keeping A Journal Will Change Your Life and I can easily relate to #1 and #5.

You can keep your journal on your device (synced “privately” on Google Drive) or publish what you want on Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter. Each entry keeps your location (using your GPS) and the current weather!

I joined the Beta community on Google+ so I can receive the new releases early and share my input with the developers to help make the app better.

Again, the app is free and if you go full, the app can seem pricey at $6.47; if you’re serious about journaling, it’s totally worth it.

Such a great app! Try it and let me know what you think in the comments below!