HTC One M9 & the Samsung Galaxy S6 compared

photo from:  The Verge
Oh, how I wish I could be there to play with these new toys.

Seeing as they shared the same day for an announcement, I thought I'd share space on an article and compare them spec by spec.

All the information can be found in our Flagship Comparator database, where you can see tabs for each of the different lineups and how they've changed with each iteration.

One (M9)Galaxy S6
Processor2GHz x4 + 1.5GHz x42.1GHz x4 + 1.5GHz x4
TypeSnapdragon 810Exynos 7
Rear Cam20MP16MP
Front Cam4MP5MP
ReleasedMarch 2015April 2015
Otherrapid charge

So, at first glance you think the S6 is just POUNDING the M9, but there's a lot to be said about staying with that 1080p screen.  I'll want to see how the batteries hold up.  Sure, the Exynos 7 is supposed to use 35% less power than others, but will it be equivalent to a 1080p screen with a larger battery?

As nice as having larger sizes available in the S6, I'm sure the price jump will be way more than an equivalent microSD card (even tho' I hate cards, it's a valid point).

What's your thoughts on these 2 new phones?  Which would you pick?