Crossy Road [Game Recommendations from Dean]

So it was the March Break last week for us, which meant Dean got to be home a little more than normal.  Being home, some of his favourite pastimes include a screen... and as much as we normally try to limit his face-to-device time; it's spring break.

He's been playing quite a few games lately and keeps telling me I should play them with him.  Which is cool, because it's a nice change from Terraria and Minecraft.

To that end, I've decided that we played a few games together and he'd instruct me how to play them, so you're going to get a quick review from Dean on games he recommends.

First up, Crossy Road.

Basically, think of Crossy Road as an updated "Frogger" game.  Don't remember Frogger?  (Dean really made a face you can't see on the Youtube video)

The object is to tap the screen to make your little character hop forward. In the beginning it's a chicken, but as you go through you can unlock other characters (my favourite is the vampire).

Tap to go forward, or swipe left, right or back to move those directions.  And you'll probably need to as there's cars whizzing by, or trees in your path you'll have to move around.

Wait too long in one spot and a bird will swoop in to take you (game over), or not move fast enough for a car, and SPLAT (game over).

It's a great time waster and one of those "what's your high score" type games.  Personally, I'm at 78!