Android 5.1 surfaces - available for Nexus 5, 7 [2012]

So, it's been talked about for a while with sites popping up saying that the version has appeared on website analytics, and we've even seen the rumours about what it might entail.

Well, now it's here, and it should be rolling out to the Nexus lineup shortly; however, the factory images are only currently available for the Nexus 5 and the 7 [2012 WiFi edition]

What does this update bring to the table?

  • Support for dual SIM
  • HD Voice
  • Device Protection
    • Similar to how Apple can lock a phone's IMEI to an Apple account, even after it's been reset, you can now lock your phone to your Google account.  Very cool
  • Quick access to WiFi / Bluetooth connections via the settings panel
    • This is great as you can pull down the shade and long press WiFi or Bluetooth to choose which connection you want - previously, if you wanted to change connection you'd have to long press to go into the WiFi setting menu and pick from there.  This allows you to stay within the same app and change.

If you're on the 5 or 7, you can flash the factory image now.  Not sure how to do it?  We have a guide available (it was for the 4.3->4.4 update, but the basic principles are all the same - I should probably redo it).

Happy flashing!