10 reasons to get a smartwatch

1. You will know the time. No more pulling your phablet out of your purse just to check if you are late to a meeting. It’s old school but convenient to have the time right on your wrist.

2. Never miss another call. No more annoyed spouses or parents. When you get a call, you’ll see it on your watch. Instead of ignoring the call by accident, you can now ignore the call on purpose.


3. Always know the weather. No need to go or look outside anymore, Google will tell you.

4. Take notes and make lists with Google Keep and access them on your watch.

5. You will get birthday alerts from Google Plus. So what if you are not sure who they are and how they ended up in your circles?

6. Control the music from your watch at the gym or when you jog instead of holding your phone.

7. Use your watch to find your phone. No more running around the house looking for it. Instead, run around the house trying to figure out where the sound is coming from.

8. Get reminders. You will never forget to get the milk on the way home again.

9. Know your step count and get notifications telling you that you walked 70% less than everyone else. Where are they all walking to anyway??

10. And most importantly - You will look Cool. Even if everyone will ask you if it’s an iWatch.