YouTube to be made 'kid friendly'

I don't know how much work really needs to be done with YouTube to make it more kid friendly; as my son is quite the pro... he's been using YouTube on our GoogleTV since... well for a few years now at least, and he's 7 now.

Sure, some times we would come in to the room after he picked out some cat video to find him watching a 'related to' and jumping through next options to find him watching something even he was startled to have stumbled on... but for the most part he's had no issues.

YouTube Kids is aimed at making a SIMPLE user interface and ensure 'kid friendly' streams.

It will also feature parent friendly control options to limit some channels, and specific search topics.

Here's what I'll really like: time limits.

A password controlled option that will lock out the app after a specific amount of time (but will they just then be able to load up regular youtube?).

We will most likely see this rolling out on Feb 23rd.

Personally, I think my son is beyond the target demographic this is aimed at.  It's pretty funny watching my own son now work his device with the voice controlled options.