[UPDATE] Toccs Feather Buds - Audio Accessory [REVIEW]

They're on special right now for 24,99$!!!

I've been playing with a lot of different accessories for quite a while and a set of headphones, whether in ear, over the ear, on ear is just what I needed.

Looking at all the different styles, type, size I came to conclude, I needed something small, compact, easy and Bleutooth.

I ended up seeing an advert for Toccs Feather Buds and the price was right at the time during, which, if I remember correctly was just after the holidays, for nearly 70% off the regular price tag. If you were to get yourself a pair they would set you back by 100$.

The site provides the following information about their product:

• Lightweight, tangle-free wireless design
• Built in microphone, remote and call answering functionality
• Crystal clear 30ft Bluetooth transmission
• Noise canceling outer shell
• Comfort fit gelled earbuds - three sizes included
• Optional ear hooks included for additional security
• Perfect for exercising, cleaning, cooking, yard work and more

The sound quality is default needs a bit of tweaking if your phone provides a sound mixer just so that you can get a good balance. Everyone tends to hear differently, so this may vary from person to person. I made a few changes to my sound settings to get this baby sky rocketing to get the sound I wanted and it's purrringgg like a kitty.

I was looking to see about how long in-use the headset was supposed to last, but couldn't find any relevant information on the subject of the battery. I've emailed the company in question and looking to see if I'll get a reply back shortly.

If you're interested to check them out head on over to: https://toccs.com/feather-buds/feather-buds