TIMEX® IRONMAN® ONE GPS+ smartwatch is now available for purchase in Canada

Ever since I bought my first smart-watch, the Sony SmartWatch1, I’m a big fan of the concept. As someone who enjoys outdoor activities like running and biking, I find it very useful to be able to see my workout details and to control the music while my phone is tucked in.

As much as I love Android Wear I think that it has room for improvement and that’s why I’m excited to see other options appearing lately. New innovation from different companies can only help to move the smart-watch concept forward.

The newest addition to the smart-watch market is the TIMEX® IRONMAN® ONE GPS+. This watch is mainly geared for athletes and the features definitely match the target market: it tracks speed, distance and pace, monitors the heart rate, it can send SOS alerts and control the music without a phone attached. Other smart watches can do all that but the advantage of this watch is its durability and standalone connectivity. It is water resistant up to 50 meters so you can sweat on it, run in the rain and swim with it. It would be perfect for long races, even mud races when you can’t have your phone with you. The display is a high resolution touch display.

The stand-alone wireless connectivity provided by AT&T is a big advantage, a connection to a phone is not needed. One year of data will be included for Canadian subscribers and a second year will cost $40, not so bad. The watch has its own workout and messaging apps and a built in music player. The device has 4GB of internal storage so music can be stored and listened to with a Bluetooth headset. 

Besides tracking your workouts and playing music, you will be able to send your performance metrics to social media and online fitness platforms, share your location with family and friends and send email based messages using an onscreen keyboard. A companion app is available for Android and iOS devices. A web interface is used to set up your profile, contacts, social and fitness connections and more. 

The TIMEX® IRONMAN® ONE GPS+ is Now available online for $499 or $549 with a heart rate monitor. Hopefully, I’ll be able to try one soon and post a full review. 

Source: TIMEX Canada